Meet Tracy

"Our body is one of our greatest tools when we learn to listen."

Tracy Hawse is a Nurse Practitioner, Kambo Practitioner and Vedic Master.

She has been working and studying western medicine for over 20 years and

has spent over 15 years studying consciousness and human behavior.


It has been Tracy’s own journey that first attuned her to learning and understanding the body and how it is connected with our consciousness. She was studying under a practitioner who was teaching her how to listen to her inner wisdom and muscle test the messages she was receiving. At the time, Tracy was unable to hear the words and messages similar to static from a transistor radio, she knew they were there but could not tune in. Then her teacher had her take a supplement. About 20 minutes later, it was as if the transistor radio tuned in to the right channel with no more static!

It was the AH-HA moment! The first clue that our nutritional status plays a role in our connection with spirit and our intuitive abilities. Since then Tracy has dedicated much of her life to understand this more along with the importance of detoxification. Our nutritional status, health and overall well-being is directly connected to how our brains function and how well we are able to connect to spirit and manifest the life…lives we desire.


Using a variety of modalities including Ayurveda, functional medicine, nutrition, traditional medicine, Kambo, plant medicine, EFT, sand tray therapy, Reiki and behavioral modifications along with Tracy’s keen intuition, she helps you reconnect with your own inner wisdom find your balance.


Homeostasis is balance = balance is perfect health = perfect health is bliss.